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The Sellout

The Sellout

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The Man Booker Prize winner 2016

  • ISBN: 978-1786070159
  • Genre: Fiction

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Dickens, Los Angeles

Race relations in the USA – what would happen if black people rewrote classic American novels to make black people the main characters. What is black culture exactly and what would happen if black people took it open themselves to force a type of segregation in a western country – in the USA – to protest against the wider oppression in that country.

Bonbon, a black farmer living in a rough neighbourhood is the man who tries to find a way through the choices

Travel Guide

Dickens California

Dickens California is fictional by name but real by nature. It’s inspired by Compton California and the area within Richland Farms is the place is at the heart of the novel.

The town name is made up (but the actual founder of Compton, Griffith Dickenson Compton, could be a clue as could the more obvious reference to the surreal events o f the novel  – the father of social realist novels, Charles Dickens himself.

Richland Farms and Compton are the places known worldwide as the home of gangs and gangsta rap. There really are  horses, goats, corn, and chickens. There really is a rodeo in Compton. You should take a visit there to see what else is!

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Author/Guide: Paul Beatty Destination: Washington DC, Los Angeles  Departure Time: 2000s

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