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The Secret World of Wombats

The Secret World of Wombats

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All you need to know about Wombats

  • ISBN: 978-0207200311
  • Genre: Childrens

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A non-fiction book that explores details about wombats – from their zoological history to habitation and habitats. The author also shares some personal stories from her experiences living with these wonderful creatures. This book is suitable for ages 7-12.

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Wombats in Australia

Wombats are nocturnal, live in burrows and are closely related to the Koala. They are small, round and have good muscles so are often called “the bulldozers of the bush.”

Wombats live in coastal areas, grasslands or forest areas in New South Wales, eastern Victoria, north-east Tasmania and Flinders Island (a small island just north of Tasmania). They don’t live in the desert as they are herbivores.

Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales is another great place to see wombats in the wild, but like any wild animals, they’re not the most reliable when trying to spot them outside

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Destination : Australia  Author/Guide: Jackie French

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