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  • Location: Yorkshire, Yorkshire Moors

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

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Destination: Yorkshire, Yorkshire Moors    Departure Time: 1900s

A secret garden…need we say more

  • ISBN: 978-0099572954
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

If ever there was a more delightful book for children then we don’t know what it could be. This is the story of Mary and her removal from India to England to live with her aunt in England whilst her parents and family have been killed by an outbreak of cholera. She finds a young boy holed up in the dark old house, housebound and barely able to walk. His father who owns the house is a hunchback and has been miserable ever since his wife died ten years earlier.

When Mary finds a secret garden in the grounds of the large rambling house, she thinks it might be the perfect way to bring hope and life back to those who live at Misselthwaite Manor and especially to the sick little boy indoors

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Yorkshire moors

Maytham Hall in Kent, England, is where Burnett lived for a number of years during her marriage, and this is the place which many people believe is the inspiration for the book’s setting. Frances H Burnett did have a lovely garden here and this often believed to be the garden of the book or at least where the idea came from.

Maytham Hall and Misselthwaite Manor are physically very different.


Mary first lives in India before moving to be with her aunt in Yorkshire. However only some of her Indian lifestyle and culture is aluded to. She is rich and lives with servants and lives a life of privilege. The contrast later on to poor Yorkshire where the weather is cold and she has nothing is stark. There are no locations for this part of the booktrail but it is an important location story wise.

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