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The Season

The Season

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2000s: A story of divided loyalties in a divided country where nothing is as it first appears.

  • ISBN: 978-1916487505
  • Genre: LGTBQ

What you need to know before your trail

When Finbar O’Sullivan arrives in Calamendrera with his partner Lance to celebrate his thirty-fifth birthday, he has the perfect life. Yet he begins to realise it has been a life lived without adventure. Fin makes up his mind to change this by staying in Spain, except Lance is an ambitious high flyer with no intention of giving up his career.

One afternoon while out walking along the beach, Fin bumps into Julian, with whom he had a fling years before. He also meets the handsome Estéban Vilaró Figueres, a Catalan politician passionate about his people. Then Fin meets Miss Bridget, who arrived in Calamendrera in the mid 1940s, to become tutor to the Vilaró Figueres family. Miss Bridget tells Fin her story, recalling the courage it took for her to begin a new adventure.

Travel Guide

Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia, Spain

Calamendrera (fictional)

The book is set largely in the fictional town of Calamendrera which is typical of the Catalonia villages.

“The old part of the town dated back to medieval times, and was built on the side of a hill that sloped down towards the sea. Calamendrera is as beautiful a town as any picture postcard could be, filled with cobbled lanes and white washed houses. It was once a simple fishing village , but now it’s an expensive resort, attracting the affluent and wealthy. A place where Bohemian artists bend flamboyancy with hedonism.”

“Soft sandy beaches, wrap themselves around the town. The narrow streets are peppered with elegant hotels, designer boutiques, and in the hills, millionaires built grand mansions with scenic views over the coastline.”


BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Season

Destination: Catalonia “Calamendrera”  Author/guide: Liam Concannon  Departure Time: 2000s

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