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The Passion Of New Eve

The Passion Of New Eve

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Future: A view of a few cities you won’t have come across before

  • ISBN: 978-0860683414
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Evelyn takes a girl to the cinema but to say they never see the movie is an understatement. They decide to do something different shall we say! Then Evelyn is found in a dystopian New York.

Then after a bit of trouble, he runs away the desert where he is captured by a female tribe living in the underworld city of Beulah.

This is a journey, a wild and dangerous ride through aspects of human sexuality and surrealism in cities you won’t recognise.

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Dystopian and crazy New York

It’s a dystopian version of The Big Apple where giant rats and secular groups based on gender, sexuality and race run the streets.

” Nothing in my experience had prepared me for the city. American friends, colleagues had tried to scare me with tales of muggings and mayhem but I had not believed them, not for a minute”

Feminist and Black Panther guerrilla fighters have taken over the city making it into a kind of sin city where they reap vengeance on white men. The protagonist Evelyn, who you initially hate and grow to love, is an Englishman who has just moved to this city to be promptly captured by separatist feminists and forced to undergo a sex change where he becomes the perfect image of a Playboy pin-up. When he awakes from surgery he finds ‘the cock in my head, still, twitched at the sight of myself.’

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:   The Passion Of New Eve

Author/Guide: Angela Carter Destination: New York  Departure Time: Dystopian

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