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  • Location: Connecticut, New York City

The Night Before

The Night Before

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2000s: A woman disappears after going on a date with a stranger she met online.

  • Genre: Psychological

What you need to know before your trail

Rosie Ferro and Laura Heart are sisters, but as different as it is possible to be. One is lucky in love and has a conventional family: a husband, and a small son. The other has a troubled past she is still struggling to break free from.

When Laura disappears after going on a date with a stranger she met online, Rosie, her protector since they were young, springs into action to look for her. But as she slowly uncovers more about the situation, Rosie begins to fear that her sister might have been more of a danger than the man she went out with.



Travel Guide

Travel to Connecticut and New York

Location is not a strong point in this book and Branston is fictional anyway. However you get a sense of where the story all takes place and where the events unfold. It actually sounds like a nice place to live!

“Branston was a small city, flanked buy the Long Island Sound on one end and the rural woodlands of New York State on the other. Just at the northern border, before the woodlands and rolling farmland, was the public preserve and river gorge that backed up to Deer Hill Lane.”

Deer Hill Lane is here the girls lived and is a key point in the book. Branford is on the map as is the border of New York and CT to show the area around Long Island Sound.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Night Before

Destination: Connecticut, New York City  Author/guide: Wendy Walker Departure Time: 2000s

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