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  • Location: Lake District, Windermere

The Mistake I Made

The Mistake I Made

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2000s: An indecent proposal set in the Lake District

  • ISBN: 978-0552171304
  • Genre: Psychological

What you need to know before your trail

We all think we know who we are. What we’re capable of.

Roz is a single mother, a physiotherapist, a sister, a friend. She’s also desperate.

Her business has gone under, she’s crippled by debt and she’s just had to explain to her son why someone’s taken all their furniture away.

But now a stranger has made her an offer. For one night with her, he’ll pay enough to bring her back from the edge.

Roz has a choice to make.

Travel Guide

Travel around the Lake District with Paula Daly novels

The Windermere novels are all set in and around the stunning Lake Windermere. The setting is a major focus in the books and sets up a sense of community and  rural well being. However, peel back  a few layers and you will soon see that this is far from rural paradise.

Affairs, abductions, lies, marriages gone wrong, school children misbehaving, mistrust and more are happening in the Lakes behind closed doors (nice ones mind with porches and posh cars parked outside.)

The author lives in the area and has obviously imagined what goes on behind closed doors, net curtains or posh blinds. The people here might live in nice farmhouses, go to rural schools and drive 4x4s but they are still human and flawed.

There are many real locations on the map which were used in the TV version of two of the novels.

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Destination: Lake District, Windermere   Author/guide: Paula Daly  Departure Time: 2000s

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