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  • Location: Scotland

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue

Why a Booktrail?

Is is time for the lighthouse keeper to retire?

  • ISBN: 978-1407144375
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr. Grinling. At night time he lived in a small white cottage perched high on the cliffs, and in the daytime he rowed out to his lighthouse to clean and polish the light. The Lighthouse Inspectors have decided that it’s time for Mr Grinling to retire. But when a stranded whale desperately needs the Grinlings’ help, the Lighthouse Inspectors realise that Mr Grinling is still the best man for the job.

Travel Guide


Rua Reidh Lighthouse

The best thing about this book is that you can visit any lighthouse anywhere in the world and think you’re at the one in the book. In an interview on her website, the author mentions that it was the in Scotland which really inspired her, so that is the one placed on the map. It might not have the stripes like the one in the book but you can really see the similarity of the one owned by Mr Garling. Is there a cat called Hamish living nearby? Well, you will have to visit to find out.

From the website:

“The wildlife around the lighthouse is phenomenal, with whales, dolphins, basking sharks, otters, seals, sea eagles and thousands of seabirds all regularly seen. There are blissful walking opportunities from the lighthouse along spectacular cliffs and deserted beaches. In addition there is the opportunity to see the Northern Lights in our autumn and spring dark skies”

What about stripy lighthouses?

In Scotland, there are a few if you’re prepared to travel – Eilean Glas Lighthouse in the Outer Hebrides and North Ronaldsay in the Orkney Isles which is the most northern of the lot!

Streetview Maps

A) Scotland - Inverness - Gairloch - Rua Reidh Lighthouse
B) Scotland - Outer Herbrides - Eilean Glas Lighthouse

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Destination : Scotland  Author/Guide: Ronda Armitage

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