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  • Location: Japan, Teshima, Kamakura

The Library of Heartbeats

The Library of Heartbeats

Why a Booktrail?

2023: On the peaceful Japanese island of Teshima there is a library of heartbeats

  • ISBN: 978-1786583116
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

On the peaceful Japanese island of Teshima there is a library of heartbeats, a place where the heartbeats of visitors from all around the world are collected. In this small, isolated building, the heartbeats of people who are still alive or have already passed away continue to echo.

Several miles away, in the ancient city of Kamakura, two lonely souls meet: Shuichi, a forty-year-old illustrator, who returns to his home-town to fix up the house of his recently deceased mother, and eight-year-old Kenta, a child who wanders like a shadow around Shuichi’s house.

Day by day, the trust between Shuichi and Kenta grows until they discover they share a bond that will tie them together for life. Their journey will lead them to Teshima and to the library of heartbeats . . .

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There really is a Library of Hearts on the island of Teshima

Visit the Library of Hearts

The ‘Heart Sound Archive” is a small museum that permanently preserves the heart sounds of people around the world that he has collected over the years, and where you can listen to those heart sounds. You can also record your own heartbeat here.

Booktrail Boarding Pass: The Library of Heartbeats

Destination:  Japan, Teshima, Kamakura  Author/Guide:  Laura Imai Messina Departure Time: 2023

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