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  • Location: North East England, South Shields, Sunderland

The Last Village

The Last Village

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1940s, 2000s: A love story, decades of secrets and a chance meeting which would change things for ever…

  • ISBN: 978-1723846175
  • Genre: Historical, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

The Last Village is an enduring love story which spans the 1940’s and modern day, binding the generations.The majestic Souter Lighthouse stands proudly at the edge of the cliff top surrounded by open grassy empty fields and overlooking a vast blue wilderness. Anna Charles knows nothing of the life that her grandmother once had here.It wasn’t until an unexpected engagement, that Anna discovered the past of her Gran and the truth behind an enduring love.Seventy years earlier, Lillian Smith, had been part of the close-knit community that once thrived in the village that existed next to the lighthouse. A chance meeting with a sailor one day, would change the course of her life forever.

Travel Guide

Travel to the Last Village of Marsden with Audla English

The author points out some iconic sites :

Marsden Village

The childhood home of Lillian Smith until 1946. A close-knit community once existed in this Northern mining coastal village which is located at the head of a cliff and faces the North Sea.  In modern day, there is no trace that a village existed here, apart from the odd piece of brick hidden amongst long grasses.

Souter Lighthouse

The home of Lillian’s dear friend Nell, many memories were built in this lighthouse which overlooked the old Marsden Village and the at times treacherous North Sea. Souter Lighthouse was the first electric lighthouse in the world and is owned by the National Trust.

The Beach Grotto

The fictitious beachfront cave pub where Lillian first meets Red, a former sailor and which hosts important events throughout the novel. ‘The Beach Grotto’ is based on The Marsden Grotto, which is one of only a handful of cave bars which exist in Europe and which directly faces the iconic Marsden Rock.

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BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Last Village

Destination: North East England  Author/guide: Audla English Departure Time: 1940s, 2000s

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