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  • Location: The Hebrides

The Ice Twins

The Ice Twins

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2000s: An isolated island in the Inner Hebrides. A refuge from pain or a desolate entrapment?

  • ISBN: 978-0007563036
  • Genre: Ghost/supernatural, Psychological, Thriller

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Angus and Sarah Moorcraft are devastated when one of their identical twin daughters Lydia dies in an accident. Wanting to take time to heal in which ever way they can, they move to the Scottish Hebrides, to an small island Angus has inherited from his grandmother. The surviving twin Kirstie however starts to claim that she is in fact Lydia and that everyone has mistaken her identity.

One day however a violent storm leaves mother and daughter alone on the island. But which daughter remains? And what really happened that day when one of them died?

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A wonderfully atmospheric, haunting novel – in both setting and subject. The island the family in grief move to a small isolated island in the Scottish Hebrides. Isolation and quiet which proves to be both a change from their busy London lives and a drastic chance to heal their broken family.

This island however becomes a prison, a lonely and desolate prison. Both inside and out as Kirstie insists she is Lydia. Even the family dog appears to be acting as it did with Lydia. She’s playing with her sister’s toys. Sarah starts to see signs that she is even talking like her dead sister. Is the sister there with them? On a dark and creepy island, the fear and chill factor is magnified.

The stories of Selkies and other folklore is magically evocative. Selkies are ‘seal people’ who shed their skin but always end up going back to their true home – the sea:

“She couldn’t resist going back to the water because she was a Selkie”

Eilean Sionnach is the fictional name of the very real Torran Island where the author took numerous pictures of the cottages, sky, the landscape and the lighthouse on the island. Images which are included in the book to immerse yourself further into the darkness.

Raw and primitive are the two words the author himself uses to describe the setting Haunting and chilling are two more to add.

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1) Isle of Ornsay
1) Isle of Ornsay

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