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The House on the Lake

The House on the Lake

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2000s: No matter how far you run . . . He’s never far behind

  • ISBN: B07S77FJNZ
  • Genre: Psychological

What you need to know before your trail

Lisa needs to disappear. And her friend’s rambling old home in the wilds of Yorkshire seems like the perfect place. It’s miles away from the closest town, and no one there knows her or her little boy, Joe.

But when a woman from the local village comes to visit them, Lisa realizes that she and Joe aren’t as safe as she thought.

What secret has Rowan Isle House – and her friend – kept hidden all these years?

And what will Lisa have to do to survive, when her past finally catches up with her?

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Travel BookTrail style to the House on the Lake, Yorkshire Dales

The setting of Rowan Isle House and the town of Harrowby are both fictional.

Rowan House is a house meant for sanctuary and salvation but also one which has not been lived in for some time. The second story however shows another couple living near here – Two soldiers – a girl and her father hiding out in the forest like survivalists. There are clearly issues of control here, a mind which has been injured, PTSD and so much more. They mistrust the locals and hide away from the world.. The story switches from these two stories with ease.

And all the while, this house is the setting which links the two. And what a setting. It’s remote, claustrophobic,lonely and unsafe. It’s just enough for both women at different times – they both need the protection if not the dirt and decrepit state its in.

Booktrailer Review

Melancolic and deeply troubling. This is a stark and raw read. Two women abused by the men in their lives in vearious different ways. There’s a runaway mother whose husband has abused her and so put their son’s life at risk. She flees to a cottage in the middle of nowhere for …what she doesn’t know but she hopes it’s safety of some sort.

The main character however is that of Control. The control is the one who determines how each woman in the story has to act, feel and do what they need to do to survive. The house protects them in different ways but their struggles are at times painful to read. You just know these men are not going to give up.

There’s a lot of pain and yet hope in this novel.It’s a slow burning read, like a slow motion chinese burn of a read.You feel the pain and the anguish and the anticipation of both and it hurts in different degrees. The reader is inside the heads of these characters from the off. Powerful stuff.

A lot of pain wrapped up here – but a stark reminder of what absolute power and control can do and how women can fight back.

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Destination: Yorkshire   Authour/guide: Nuala Ellwood Departure Time: 2000s

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