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The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

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The story of past and present – the story of a girl in between two worlds

  • ISBN: 978-0545162166
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

Lucy Wu, aspiring basketball star and interior designer, is on the verge of having the best year of her life. She’s ready to rule the school as a sixth grader, go out for captain of the school basketball team, and take over the bedroom she has always shared with her sister. In an instant, though, her plans are shattered when she finds out that Yi Po, her beloved grandmother’s sister, is coming to visit for several months — and is staying in Lucy’s room.

Lucy’s vision of a perfect year begins to crumble, and in its place come an unwelcome roommate, foiled birthday plans, a bully who tries to scare Lucy off the basketball team, and Chinese school with the annoying know-it-all Talent Chang. Lucy’s year is ruined — or is it?

Travel Guide

From the USA to China

The author says that the book was inspired by a relative in China who was genealogy research. Her mother found photos which she thought were lost. She wanted to write the story as she wanted to write a story which mixed the past and the present – a modern day character to a very different time and place.

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Author/Guide: Jennifer Ung  Destination: America/USA Departure Time: Various

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