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The Graves of Whitechapel

The Graves of Whitechapel

Why a Booktrail?

1882:  A lawyer in Victorian London must find a man he got off a murder charge – and who seems to have killed again . . .

  • ISBN: 978-0751575309
  • Genre: Crime, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Five years ago, crusading lawyer Cage Lackmann successfully defended Moses Pickering against a charge of murder. Now, a body is found bearing all the disturbing hallmarks of that victim – and Pickering is missing. Did Cage free a brutal murderer?

Cage’s reputation is in tatters, and worse, he is implicated in this new murder by the bitter detective who led the first failed case. Left with no other alternative, Cage must find Pickering to prove his innocence.

His increasingly desperate search takes him back to the past, to a woman he never thought to see again, and down into a warren of lies and betrayals concealed beneath Holland Park mansions and the mean streets of Whitechapel – where a murderer, heartbreak and revenge lie in wait.

Travel Guide

BookTrail it to Whitechapel, London

Interesting to take a tour of Victorian London before the infamous Jack the Ripper made them so popular.

The streets are grim and dark, the atmosphere at times unrelenting. The shadow and smog of a city growing quickly and unevenly is drawn here and evoked with style.

There’s talk of an Ukranian crime lord, a disused music hall and a dubious lawyer’s hallowed halls. Add in the graves and you have quite the setting…

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Graves of Whitechapel

Destination/location: London  Author/guide:  Claire Evans  Departure Time: 1882

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