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  • Location: New York City, San Francisco, Puerto Rico

The Flight

The Flight

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Would you change places with someone on a flight?

  • ISBN: B0823VWB73
  • Genre: Suspense, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Claire and Eva lead very different lives, but they have one thing in common – they are both in huge danger and need to disappear.

A chance encounter at the airport presents the two women with a simple but crazy solution: switch places then drop off the grid when they land.

But one woman will never reach her destination.

Travel Guide

Start in New York and fly to either Puerto Rico or California

Two women meet in the airport lounge of JFK. Both want to escape their lives so swap boarding passes. The plane to Puerto Rico crashes off the coasts of Florida and so most of the story takes place in and around California where the other women was headed.

San Francisco

The city with the bridges and the islands. Plenty of sights to see along the way and Eva lived in a nice apartment and went to a nice park so there’s plenty of nice places to go and see. When you don’t have the problems that the women in this novel do, then it’s nicer still.

The city is  a rich paradise backdrop to the turmoil going on in the character’s lives. The calm lapping waters of the bay, the sense of foreboding of that Alcatraz prison. Seems a very apt setting for the novel where a life in a claustrophobic setting, journey and destination are key to the plot!

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Flight

Destination/location: San Francisco, New York, Puerto Rico   Author/guide:    Julie Clark Departure Time: 2000s

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