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The Dublin Railway Murder

The Dublin Railway Murder

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1856: A true life Victorian Murder mystery

  • ISBN: 978-1787302396
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Mystery

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Dublin, November 1856: George Little, the chief cashier of the Broadstone railway terminus, is found dead, lying in a pool of blood beneath his desk.

He has been savagely beaten, his head almost severed; there is no sign of a murder weapon, and the office door is locked, apparently from the inside. Thousands of pounds in gold and silver are left untouched at the scene of the crime.

Augustus Guy, Ireland’s most experienced detective, teams up with Dublin’s leading lawyer to investigate the murder. But the mystery defies all explanation, and two celebrated sleuths sent by Scotland Yard soon return to London, baffled.

Five suspects are arrested then released, with every step of the salacious case followed by the press, clamouring for answers. But then a local woman comes forward, claiming to know the murderer…

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The author note states that in November 1956,  the residents of Dublin where shocked by news of a brutal murder at the city’s Broadstone railway terminus – a crime without parallel in the Irish Capital’s recent history.

The subsequent investigation was the most complex and mystifying that Dublin’s detectives had ever undertaken, and its many twists and turns seized the public imagination.

The prime suspect was arrested 7 months later. The trail which followed was the most sensational one of the time.

If you want to read about the case today, head to the National Archives of Ireland as it contains 160 year old file with old police interviews.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Dublin Railway Murder

Destination/location: Dublin  Author/guide:  Thomas Morris  Departure Time:1856

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