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  • Location: Washington DC, Iraq, Basra

The Catalyst

The Catalyst

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2000s: Many things can be used as a weapon but a person.And the inside of their mind?

  • ISBN: 978-1907354533
  • Genre: legal/political, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Craig McIntyre is a former  US military man turned bodyguard. But there’s something else about him. He has this unnatural ability to make people do things – make them turn their deepest and darkest thoughts into reality.

So when a US senator realises just what this could mean for him, he suddenly knows how he can create the ultimate assassin. If he can capture Craig and his wife Lorraine, who knows what’s possible with this kind of power.

With the help of a covert agency, Craig is brought in, drugged, beaten and almost dead. Forced to watch his wife being murdered to make him see if he doesn’t already that his captors mean business.

But Craig manages to escape – the senator is now the hunted and the agency has its orders to bring Craig back dead or alive. If alive, he won’t be for much longer…

Travel Guide

Craig McIntyre’s short tour of Washington:


The centre of the US government area in Washington DC

The US Senate

If you want to see where all those senators in the book work, and well in real life too of course then this is the place to go

The White House

The ultimate seat of power


Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: The Catalyst

Author/ Guide: GJ Brown  Destination:Washington DC, Iraq  Departure Time: 2000s

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