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The Body in the Bed

The Body in the Bed

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Book 4 in the South American mystery series

  • ISBN: B00A1PZZ86
  • Genre: Mystery, Suspense

What you need to know before your trail

Roger and Suzanne return to Montevideo, Uruguay to attend a festive dinner honoring their friend’s promotion to police captain. There’s a surprise guest waiting for them when they arrive in their hotel room. Who killed the body they find in the bed? Roger and Suzanne are the lead suspects in a murder, their allies on the police forces of Uruguay and Paraguay may be the targets of a conspiracy, and nobody can be trusted. This fast paced, action filled, novella should satisfy readers of the previous books in the series as we renew acquaintances with old friends and enemies, and say farewell to one of them. Readers new to the series can enjoy this book as a stand-alone introduction to the region and to the series characters.

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The author is keen to point out that this is a work of fiction. Although the book’s plot is taken from the news and current affairs, this is a fictional story. “Uruguay is a politically mature democracy that has ever right to choose its trade partners by whatever political and economic criteria it selects.” It has no obligation to cooperate with our sanctions against Iraq he says. None of the events in the novella , real or fictional, is intended as criticism as a soveriegn country (Uruguay) whose policies do not always align with those of the USA.

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Destination: Montevideo, Uruguay  Author/Guide:Jerold Last  Departure Time: 2000s

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