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  • Location: Turkey, the Mediterranean

The Boat

The Boat

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2000s: Sailing into open waters….where no one can hear you scream

  • ISBN: 978-1781855850
  • Genre: Psychological

What you need to know before your trail

Johnny and his new bride Clem have arrived in Turkey for a year’s honeymoon. Young, blissfully happy but poor, they are surviving on love, luck and a spirit of adventure.

So when a boat appears out of a raging storm, crewed by a bohemian couple who represent everything Johnny and Clem want to be, they do not think twice about stepping on board. But all is not as it seems. And when they finally open their eyes to the truth, the boat is in the middle of the vast open sea…

Travel Guide

Somewhere off the coast of Turkey

Turkey and the Med (c) Google

Turkey and the Med (c) Google

Locations here are vague and quite rightly so – it’s that very feeling of being lost, not sure where the next bay or even sighting of land is to come, where the boat you’re on with strangers might dock…

The boat is perhaps the most claustrophobic place you’ll ever be on. Johnny, who joins the boat at a Turkish port during a storm soon finds out just how bad things are:

“An unprecedented claustrophobia had taken hold of him; the sides of the boat were caving in on him. He felt nauseous, as if he was falling downwards fro a great height. He had to get out of here.”

“He shut the companionway doors behind him and snatched lungfuls of the cold night. He looked out but saw nothing: 360 degrees of darkness. They were in the middle of absolutely nowhere.”

What goes on on this boat is for the readers eyes only. Be aware that there is something very unsettling and disturbing that many readers won’t like. There’s one thread of the story that many will find unnecessary involving a child. Worringly, some of this book is inspired by the author’s real life experiences although it’s never clear to what extent.

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Destination : Turkey, the Mediterranean  Author/Guide: Clara Salaman  Departure Time: 2000s

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