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Tell Me What I Am

Tell Me What I  Am

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2004, 2018: Two women, wrenched apart by a terrible crime, must find a way back to each other

  • Genre: Familiy drama

What you need to know before your trail

When Deena Garvey disappears in 2004, she leaves behind a daughter and a sister.Deena’s daughter grows up in the country. She learns how to hunt, when to seed the garden, how to avoid making her father angry. Never to ask about her absent mother.Deena’s sister stays stuck in the city, getting desperate. She knows the man responsible for her sister’s disappearance, but she can’t prove it. Not yet.Over fourteen years, four hundred miles apart, these two women slowly begin to unearth the secrets and lies at the heart of their family, and the history of power and control that has shaped them both in such different ways.But can they reach each other in time? And will the truth finally answer the question of their lives:What really happened to Deena Garvey?



Travel Guide

Philadelphia and rural Vermont


Deena Garvey disappears on her way to work in the city and the search takes us all over to try and find her. People go to certain places to find clues or in the hope that they will see her. The city is evoked in simple, vague terms but that is to focus the attention on the characters and their emotions.


Rural Vermont is in direct contrast to the city. Deena’s abusive partner flees here to hide away.

The two locations  are used to show belonging, wanting to be with family, the distance between your old life and your new. Rural and a city life but where the characters go, pain follows.

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Destination: Philadelphia, Vermont  Author/guide: Una Mannion  Departure Time:2004, 2018

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