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Take My Hand

Take My Hand

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Inspired by the true events at a family planning clinic in Alabama

  • ISBN: 978-1474622677
  • Genre: Inspired by true events, legal/political

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A nurse at the Family Planning Clinic in Montgomery Alabama, Civil Townsend is passionate about putting choice into women’s hands. She brings the option of birth control to their doorsteps, and with it the right to determine their own destinies. Or so she believes.

When she is assigned to administer birth control to two school-age Black girls, the Williams sisters, who live off an old unpaved road in a shack without running water, Civil can’t help but feel uneasy. She grows close to the family and becomes fiercely invested in their well-being. And then she makes a shocking discovery: the girls have been involuntarily sterilized. Civil is horrified that such a terrible mistake could have taken place, and vows to get to the bottom of it. She soon learns that this is no isolated event but a pattern, far more serious than she could ever have imagined, targeting poor Black women. Could her clinic be responsible? Had she and her fellow Black nurses been complicit? No matter how ugly, Civil is determined for the truth to be brought to light.



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Discover the legal setting of Alabama

The story is fictional but is inspired by the tragic case of Buck v. Bell, 1927

This case resulted in a ruling that the court could decide that someone could be sterilized if they were deemed unfit in some way such as intellectually disabled.

The case is often cited as one of the worst ever Supreme Court decisions. The ruling stated that compulsory sterilization of ‘unfit’ inmates of public institutions is federally protected. It remains in effect today.

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Destination/Location:  Alabama  Author: Dolen Perkins-Valdez  Departure: 1920s and present day

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