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Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean

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2023: Half the Glasgow copshop think DI Alison McCoist is bent. The other half, well………..

  • ISBN: 978-1782278368
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Half the Glasgow copshop think DI Alison McCoist is bent. The other half just think she’s a fuck-up.

No one thinks very much at all about carwash employee Davey Burnet, until one day he takes the wrong customer’s motor for a ride.

One kidnapping later, he and the carwash are officially part of Glasgow’s criminal underworld, working for a psychopath who enjoys playing games like ‘Keep Yer Kneecaps’ with any poor bastard who crosses him.

Can Davey escape from the gang’s clutches with his kneecaps and life intact? Perhaps this polis Ally McCoist who keeps nosing around the carwash could help. If she doesn’t get herself killed first.

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Well this side of Glasgow is not going to be advertised on the tourist websites anytime soon! Dark, grim and utterely compelling though,, we see the dank and dangerous places around the city including the red light area, brothels and dim alleyways.

There is a real raw and rough sense of the worst that Glasgow has to offer from drugs to street gangs and everything in between.

Part of the book is set in Murray, East Kilbride – A suburb 10 miles outside of Glasgow, the street names here (named after Scottish inventors) were borrowed for several locations. The ‘High-rise brothel’ featured in several scenes is also based on a block of flats in this area.

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