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Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

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2000s: A plane crash in LA may not be all that it seems….

  • ISBN: 978-0747254348
  • Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A plane crash leaves three hundred and thirty dead with no survivors. Joe Carpenter, a Los Angeles Post crime reporter lost his family and a year after the crash is gripped by paralyzing grief. So when he meets a woman who claims to have survived the accident, he is understandably confused. The woman disappears however and so he becomes fixated on finding her and tying to get to the truth. But there is a shadowy organization also keen to find this ‘Rose’ and to prevent her from speaking out at all.

Travel Guide

As a reporter for the Los Angeles Post newspaper, and following the crash of the plane over Colorado, Joe drives all over the area in the search for clues on what happened on that plane. He is keen to keep the memory of his family alive and visits them in the LA cemetery on the hills.When he meets Rose, he sets off across the state for answers he needs to survive.

Sitting on the scenic and hot Santa Monica beach, he feels he’s being watched and so moves on. But when visiting Studio City and Colorado Springs, there is also a sense of unease as he tries to unravel the truth. The backdrop of this most paradise of locations is in stark contrast to the sense of fear and dread felt by Joe as he tries to track down the mysterious Rose who could have the answers. Despite the sun, there are plenty of shadows and dark goings on.

Interesting that Joe refers to the most famous street map of LA to guide his way around – especially on the way to the Vadence residence. A good way and essential way to find more obscure streets.

Los Angeles is  a hot and humid place – ‘ A rattle snack infested plot of desert scrub in the heart of the urban sprawl’ The Griffith Observatory where he goes to search the area for the fugitive woman is an iconic place in the area and to see it used here for such a purpose gives it a unique spin.

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