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  • Location: Reykjavik

Snug in Iceland

Snug in Iceland

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Stuck in a rut, Rachel Richards can’t wait to work in Iceland!

  • ISBN: 978-1739944100
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Rachel Richards is stuck in a rut. Her boyfriend Adam barely notices her most of the time and her life in London isn’t as exciting as it should be. When the company she works for, Snug, asks her to oversee the opening of a new store in Iceland, she jumps at the chance for a change of scenery. Exploring Reykjavik with the help of Icelandic tour guide Jonas, Rachel discovers that life is out there waiting to be lived. As she falls in love with Iceland, she begins to see what is important to her and wonders whether the life she left behind is what she wants after all…

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The author says:

Snug in Iceland was inspired by a weekend trip to Reykjavik in 2014. I knew very little about Iceland but I was immediately charmed by the city of Reykjavik, particularly the old town. Snug is a fictional company that sends Rachel to Reykjavik to oversee the opening of their latest branch. She explores Reykjavik and the surrounding area with the help of Jonas, a local tour guide. Most of the places in the book are real, or inspired by real locations and many readers have said that the story captures the spirit of Iceland perfectly and have enjoyed being able to identify the real places on their own visits.

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C) Reykjavík - Te & Kaffi
D) Reykjavík - Íslenski barinn

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Destination/Location: Reykjavík  Author:  Victoria Walker  Departure: 2000s

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