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  • Location: Reykjavík, Siglufjörður

Silence of the Grave

Silence of the Grave

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2000s: Building work in an expanding Reykjavík uncovers a shallow grave.

  • ISBN: 978-0099548553
  • Translator: Bernard Scudder
  • Genre: Crime

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Reykjavík, Siglufjörður

Iceland –  both the city and the rural side is icy cold here. Stories of torture from the past with skeletal remains in the present. The cold, barren earth here has got some dark secrets buried underneath its black soil.

Ghosts of the past mingle with ghosts of the present. Erlendur is as dark and depressed as the Icelandic winds.

This Reykjavík and Siglufjörður is no paradise that’s for sure. Life is not easy here – the possibilities of getting on and the distribution of wealth seem as stark as landscape which surrounds it. The suburb and development on the eastern outskirts of the city might be modern but they reveal much of the past. Looking for the area’s former inhabitants takes them to some dark and dusty places

This showcases Iceland’s role during WW2 – The British and later the Americans set up bases here

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B) Reykjavik - Grafarholt Hill
E) Siglufjörður centre

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Silence Of The Grave (2)

Author/Guide: Arnaldur Indridason Destination: Reykjavík, Siglufjörður Departure Time: 2000s

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