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Oscar Lives Next Door

Oscar Lives Next Door

Why a Booktrail?

1925 – 2007: A Story Inspired by Oscar Peterson’s Childhood

  • ISBN: 978-1771471046
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

Long before Oscar Peterson became a virtuoso jazz pianist, he was a boy who loved to play the trumpet. When a bout of childhood tuberculosis weakened his lungs, Oscar could no longer play his beloved instrument. He took up piano and the rest is history: Oscar went on to become an international jazz piano sensation.

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Oscar Lives Next Door is a fictional story inspired by these facts. The book imagines a next-door neighbor for Oscar named Millie, who gets into mischief with him but also appreciates his talents: Oscar hears music in everything, and Millie calls him a magician for the way he can coax melodies from his trumpet. Millie writes to Oscar during his long stay in the hospital for tuberculosis, and she encourages his earliest notes on the piano.

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson (August 15, 1925 – December 23, 2007)

Oscar was a Canadian jazz pianist and composer. He was called the “Maharaja of the keyboard” by Duke Ellington. He is considered one of the greatest jazz pianists and played thousands of concerts worldwide in a career lasting more than 60 years. He has a school and a concert hall named after him.

Booktrail Boarding Pass: Oscar Lives Next Door

Destination : Quebec  Author/Guide: Bonnie Farmer  Departure Time: 1925 – 2007

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