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  • Location: Greece, Methoni

One Last Letter from Greece

One Last Letter from Greece

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2022: After her mother’s death, a girl flees to Greece

  • ISBN: B09GJGN8Y1
  • Genre: Mystery, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Will walking in her mother’s footsteps help Sophie discover who she was meant to be all along…?

Devastated by her mother’s death, Sophie longs to get away from an empty house full of memories and a life that hasn’t quite turned out as she had imagined.

So when a chance discovery among her mother’s belongings hints at a past Sophie knows nothing of, she jumps at the opportunity for escape and a chance to heal. The magical, idyllic Greek town of Methoni awaits…

But Sophie – determined to uncover her mother’s secrets – is about to discover so much more. Among the tranquil waters and cosy tavernas, Methoni’s locals offer Sophie the answers she craves, along with unexpected romance and, if she’ll take it, a chance at her own happiness…

Travel Guide

A short guide to Greece with Emma Cowell

So many people think of the islands when it comes to Greece, but the mainland is just as rich in spectacular scenery. Stunning white sandy beaches, shoreline tavernas and the mountain micro-climate provides much needed respite from the scorching summer heat.

My novel is set in the coastal town of Methoni and is where Sophie’s journey in Greece begins. Around an hour’s drive over hilltops and through olive groves from Kalamata airport, it is a beautiful spot, guarded by a castle built by the Venetians in 1209 which hugs the bay with its ancient arms. Although I may have tinkered with the geography a little, taking inspiration from the other seaside havens I’ve discovered, the places featured in the story are real.

The bustling harbour of Pilos or Pylos with its giant trees creating a natural leafy canopy in the town square is the perfect people-watching idyll as locals go about their business.

Another place I simply had to include is a very special site which I return to each year to marvel at the work of the archaeologists and walk in the footsteps of the past: Ancient Messene or Messinae. It is one of the best-preserved cities in Greece with a full sized stadium, gymnasium, agora and temples.

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Destination/Location: Greece, Methoni   Author:  Emma Cowell  Departure: 2022

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