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  • Location: China

Not For Parents China

Not For Parents China

Why a Booktrail?

Anytime: The ultimate children’s guide to China

  • ISBN: 978-1743214268
  • Genre: Childrens, Travelogue

What you need to know before your trail

If you really want to know what China is like, its history, people and what makes it tick then this is the book no matter what your age. Where else could you learn of the art of tea making or how toilet paper came to be? Why people stick hot cups on their backs and what baby bottom lanterns are for?

As you travel around China, a huge and fascinating country, you get to see under the skin of the country from the cities to the countryside and everything else in between.

Travel Guide

If you want a whirlwind tour of China, the interesting facts and figures in bite size chunks, the sites off the beaten track, then this is the travel book for you. Good for kids yes, but even better for the adult who has never grown up and who really has a thirst for knowledge and quirky facts.

Making paper lanterns and animals out of paper is an art form in China and the smallest ones are called Baby’s bottom lanterns. Well, there’s something you’ll probably not have known.  The story of Paper seems to be the story of China as well.

Tea – that’s something else China is famous for but to discover how and why tea came to be so popular is quite fascinating in its own right. There’s a posh and proper way to hold a cup whilst drinking and it’s not as your mother does! When you see how one boy serves the tea, definitely not something your mother would do!

There’s also a lot of funny medicine done in China which involves sticking needles into your body. Ying and Yang, cups on your bag full of hot air, setting fire to your hair and putting candles in your ear – not the kind of thing to try at home but fun to learn about.

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