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  • Location: New England, Massachusetts

North Woods

North Woods

Why a Booktrail?

Various: A house in the woods. Ooh the stories it could tell….

  • ISBN: 978-1399809283
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail


A young Puritan couple on the run. An English soldier with a fantastic vision. Inseparable twin sisters. A lovelorn painter and a lusty beetle. A desperate mother and her haunted son. A ruthless con man and a stalking panther. Buried secrets. Madness, dreams and hope.

All are connected. The dark, raucous, beautiful past is very much alive.

Travel Guide

Massachusetts and New England

There are some stunning woods and forests in this area of the world. New England is particularly pretty and known for its colourful and vibrant trees and wooded areas.

The author did plenty of research and had a tour of the Harvard Forest in MA so it’s likely that this was the biggest inspiration for the story.

Location is New England but the setting is the woods and the woods anywhere really- the woods as part of nature and our natural landscape. How we view it, how we treat it and how we live alongside it. The Indigenous Peoples are a major part of this novel and their view of land ownership adds a very vital dimension to the story.

This novel will make you think about nature and its impact on our planet.

Booktrailer Review

I’ve never read anything like this before. It’s a poem, a set of lyrics to a song, an ode to nature and so much more.

The writing about nature and our reaction and behaviour in it is beautiful and compelling. There are several stories and this house is in the middle of it which I thought was a lovely way of tying stories around it.

The stories are interlinked yet separate if that makes sense. It doesn’t at the start of the book but by the time you’ve finished, you can appreciate it all like a tapestry of trees on a wall. The more you look and think about it, the more you see.

I did take a while to get into this book as it reads very literary with misspellings and unfamiliar sentence structure. However, by the end I did appreciate it and am very pleased I have experienced this remarkable book.



BookTrail Boarding Pass: North Woods

Destination: New England, Massachusetts   Author/guide: Daniel Mason  Departure Time: various

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