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  • Location: Croatia, Florida, Sarasota, Slovenia

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No Rules

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2000s: Book three of the Dr Trix series

  • ISBN: 978-1794549333
  • Genre: Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

“One hundred year old women die of old age,” the doctor said. Dan Trix suspects it was murder. Detective Rodriquez also suspects murder. He suspects Trix. Trix discovers that the week before her death, his aunt changed her substantial will leaving everything to a hospice in Nebraska and nothing to him. Then his aunt’s nurse is found dead. Trix flew to Sarasota to visit his aunt and enjoy a romantic weekend with his new girlfriend Elaine. A cell in the police station is now as likely as a suite at the Ritz. Trix and his buddy Lester are forced to follow to Slovenia and back a trail littered with greed, deceit and death.

Travel Guide

BookTrail the Sarasota of Dr Dan Trix

The book is set in both Slovenia and Croatia but the real setting is Sarasota in Florida. The main character’s aunt has died and changed her will at the last minute. solving the mystery of her change of heart involves a trail to far and distant lands.

But it’s Sarasota that shines: 

Sarasota poses itself as the prince in waiting, the heir to the Jewel-of-the-Gulf-Coast throne. Most would begrudgingly agree that gaudy Naples, some two hours south, currently holds the scepter. Most would also agree that pretentious, gauche, overbearing, social snobs in Naples are also deserving of the guillotine….”

“A brief drive along Port Royal confirms the suspicion that there is no relationship between wealth and taste.”

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Destination/location: Croatia, Florida, Sarasota, Slovenia    Author/Guide: Rodney Romig Departure Time: 2000s

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