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  • Location: Ireland (Northern Ireland)

Night Swimmers

Night Swimmers

Why a Booktrail?

2024: Two people meet in a quirky coastal community

  • ISBN: 978-1800816749
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Grace lives alone in Ballybrady, a little village on the sublimely beautiful east coast of Northern Ireland. She fills her days with swimming, fishing, quilting, and baiting the tourists who arrive from the city with more money than sense. She hasn’t left the village since a traumatic stay in London as a young woman at the end of the 1980s.

One of the tourists is Evan, taking an enforced holiday from his family and work in Belfast after breaking down after the death of his daughter in infancy. He has come to try to process his grief and make himself desirable again as a husband, a father and a business partner.

But he hasn’t been there a week until he gets trapped by lockdown. When Grace saves his life in a kayaking accident – if it was an accident – and Evan’s troubled son arrives to stay, all three are drawn together in a way that forces a reckoning with their personal traumas and draws them back into society.



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The quirky town in the novel is so lovingly and wonderfully crafted that you will be sad to know that it’s fictional. There are several places with the first name of Bally however in the area, so it’s worth a visit to try and guess which one is most like Ballybrady!

There are several places that it could be and it has the scenery and the surroundings that the book describes. The scenery in and around the famous Giant’s Causeway is stunning!


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Night Swimmers

Destination/Location: Northern Ireland, Ballybray  Author/guide:  Roisin Maguire  Departure Time: 2024

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