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  • Location: The Cotswolds, "Upper Benbury"

Murder at the Manor Hotel (Melissa Craig 4)

Murder at the Manor Hotel (Melissa Craig 4)

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2000s: What goes on behind the curtains of an amateur dramatic company?

  • Genre: Cosy crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Melissa is delighted when she’s asked to help put on a play at her favourite local Cotswolds hotel. There’s nothing she loves more than getting to know the cast, who are just as colourful behind the scenes as they are on stage.

Rehearsals are running smoothly until the perpetually grumpy supporting actor is found spread-eagled at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs leading to a cellar.

As Melissa tries in vain to save his life, she is sure she can hear voices nearby and suspects there is more to this accident than meets the eye. Why on earth was he trying to get down to the hotel’s private cellar? And why does the hotel manager seem so angry about it?

When the hotel floor plans deliver some unexpected revelations, Melissa is convinced that she’s dealing with a murder. But when all of your suspects are actors, how can you tell the good liars from the bad? Can Melissa find the killer before the final curtain falls?

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Upper Benbury

A fictional village but very typical in appearance at least to the many in the Cotswolds area. The author explains:

“People often ask me if Melissa is my alter ego and I have to admit that we have quite a lot in common. Like me, when she was in her forties she moved from London into the country. Her Gloucestershire village is similar to the one I lived in for over thirty years and like me she soon became actively involved in village life. Melissa just seemed to walk into my head, complete with her past history, her problems, her strengths and weaknesses, her son Simon, her eccentric neighbour Iris Ash and agent Joe Martin. DCI Ken Harris, who features in many of the titles in the series, appeared on the scene a little later.”

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Destination: The Cotswolds, “Upper Benbury”  Author/guide: Betty Rowlands  Departure Time: 2000s

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