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  • Location: London, Essex and Singapore

Lost Women

Lost Women

Why a Booktrail?

2023: Detective Inspector Stanley Low. Belligerent, bipolar and brilliant.

  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Detective Inspector Stanley Low. Belligerent, bipolar and brilliant. A Chinese-Singaporean, educated in London with a foot in both cities, his mission to eradicate violent crime wherever he finds it. Twelve women are found in the back of a truck, dumped in the Essex marshlands. They all have knives but have nothing to say, except Grace. She will only speak to DI Stanley Low. Brought in to assist with the case Low finds himself dealing with a global trafficking ring and a high-profile billionaire. As one by one his witnesses are killed off, he has no choice but to return to Singapore to examine the darkest corners of the Asian city in his hunt for the traffickers. He must hurry. Another truck is being prepared. Another twelve, vulnerable women are being groomed. Low can only find them if he uncovers the ugliest of truths.

Travel Guide

Essex, London and Singapore

The author says:

“I take the readers on two journeys. The first is through the market towns of Essex – areas that I grew up around and know very well to show what really goes on behind the cream teas – and how women’s roles can still be defined in very sexist (even puritanical) terms. And then in Singapore, I take the reader away from the gleaming skyscrapers into the decaying shophouses of the red-light district, to show the other side of Asia, the one where sex workers are paraded through the street like cattle, the one rarely seen in the guide books. As a journalist and an author, I have explored and written about these areas for two decades. Even now, the hypocrisy still rankles.”

“Whether it’s a scruffy haulage firm along the River Thames or a Singaporean massage parlour in a rundown shopping mall, I know the places well enough to take my readers with me. I’m a tour guide for some of the dodgiest places in Essex, London and Singapore! “

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Lost Women

Destination/location: London, Essex, Singapore  Author/guide:  Neil Humphreys Departure Time: 2023

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