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Literary Places

Literary Places

Why a Booktrail?

Discover some of the world’s most fascinating literary places and the novels that celebrate them.

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What you need to know before your trail

Travel journalist Sarah Baxter provides comprehensive and atmospheric outlines of the history and culture of 25 literary places around the globe, as well as how they intersect with the lives of the authors and the works that make them significant. Full-page colour illustrations instantly transport you to each location. You’ll find that these places are not just backdrops to the tales told, but characters in their own right.

Travel to the sun-scorched plains of Don Quixote’s La Mancha, roam the wild Yorkshire moors with Cathy and Heathcliff or view Central Park through the eyes of J.D. Salinger’s antihero. Explore the lush and languid backwaters of Arundhati Roy’s Kerala, the imposing precipice of Joan Lindsay’s Hanging Rock and the labyrinthine streets and sewers of Victor Hugo’s Paris.


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“By the 1850s when  Victor Hugo was writing Les Miserables, Paris was quite literally the City of Light.”

“However the best way to sense the plight of Hugo’s miserables, is to descend into the sewers. For Hugo, they were ‘another Paris under herself”

Dublin, Ireland

Ulysses is a chaotic stream of consciousness, performing stylistic acrobats to try to render the human experience. But it is grounded in the streets of Dublin. Joyce, writing from self-exile in Paris, slavishly researched the physicality of the city.

Florence ,Italy

The city of EM Forster and Room with a View. Lucy and her chaperon in the novel arrive here . “After only her first day she’s witnesses a murder and had her first kiss.” However, no matter where you stay, you can walk around the city as Lucy did. The Frame of central Florence has changed little since the renaissance.”

Berlin, Germany


“While the book is Biberkopf’s story, Döblin makes clear that his miserable antihero is just one of many souls heaving in this city – at the time, the third largest in the world.Berlin Alexanderplatz is a evocation of the city itself.”


Booktrailer Review

This is a really good guide and insight to literary places. The writing is smooth and draws you into each adventure. There was a great ease with this book – chapters clearly headed by country and then book, then each page illustrated by stunning images from the landscapes featured.

There’s lots of literary knowledge but there’s also a nice bit of background and history woven in to make this a more encompassing experience. A perfect book to keep and dip in and out of whenever it takes your fancy. Which it will. A lot. Right now, I’m off to Florence. See you later!

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