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L A Woman

L A Woman

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  • ISBN: 978-1476792873
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour

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BookTrail a dreamy and directionless wander through Los Angeles and LA

Eve Babitz has captured Hollywood when the glamour and groupies were still very much part of the course.

It’s a tongue in cheek look – with celebrity and gliz on every page, hot guys, cocktails, secrets, groupies and constant sunshine. This is the place everyone wants to be and where everyone wants to be spotted. It has that endless bohemian sunshine feel to it all so wear your shades and your floppy hat when reading.

Los Angeles:

“But the feeling in LA that the place was not safe—that hovering earthquake in the air—was why anyone in the trance even came down long enough to learn to thread a camera at all. They had to take their eye off what was probably the apocalypse and invent Theda Bara out of a girl from Cincinnati to make sense out of the light.”


On movies and war:

“If only the next people who decided to have a war would stay home and make a movie instead, it would be just as expensive and beyond human control, but by the time you got sick of it, you could go home.”

BookTrail Boarding Pass: L A Woman

Destination:  Hollywood, Los Angeles   Author/guide: Eve Babitz   Departure Time: 1980s

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