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Keep Her Safe

Keep Her Safe

Why a Booktrail?

2022: How far would you go to protect your daughter?

  • ISBN: B0B5177VZB
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Catherine’s daughter is about to leave for university. Although she knows worrying about this is normal, she’s becoming increasingly anxious about Anya’s safety. And that anxiety is starting to take over her life . . .

She’s fallen back into a habit of going into Anya’s bedroom when she sleeps to watch her breathe, and is secretly tracking her daughter’s movements on an app.

Anya, struggling with her mum’s suffocating behaviour, hides her own anxieties about leaving home for fear of panicking her mother further.

But with Anya preparing to move out, who will check on her and keep her safe?

Do other people pose a threat or is her own mother the one she should be afraid of?



Travel Guide

A short guide to Bristol from Jan Faulkner

Ashton Court/Leigh Woods/Manor Woods

Woodlands feature a lot in Keep Her Safe and I am very lucky that I have lots of woodland nearby to inspire me.

Pitville Student Accommodation/the corner shop

The gate entrance to Anya’s student accommodation is directly opposite a corner shop and features a lot in Keep Her Safe. This is fictional but there is a  unversity in the city.

Gloucester Road Bristol

I had an image in my head, probably from when I was a student in Bristol myself, of a section of Gloucester Road bathed in early evening sunlight after a hot day. There are pubs and shops on either side of the busy road, and I knew I wanted it to feature in Keep Her Safe.

Graffiti all over Bristol 

I couldn’t write a book based partly in Bristol and not include graffiti. It’s everywhere and it’s brilliant, Banksy aside.

River in Cheltenham

Again, no spoilers but there is a river that features in Keep Her Safe that doesn’t actually exist in real life, but is inspired by all of the water surrounding the beautiful Pitville Park in the heart of Cheltenahm. In Keep Her Safe I have added a pathway next to the deep river that can only be accessed down some unlit steps. I shall say no more…

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Keep Her Safe

Destination/Location: Bristol and Cheltenham Author: Jen Faulkner   Departure: 2022

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