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Journey to the End of the Whale

Journey to the End of the Whale

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1900s: A man is obsessed by the sea

  • ISBN: 978-0753820889
  • Genre: Fiction, Folklore

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For Daniel Serraz, born on a ferry in the Straits of Malacca, orphaned two years later when his parents are lost at sea, the world beneath the waves holds an irresistible fascination.

Raised in Geneva by his hydrophobic grandmother, his boyish imagination stirred by the local pet-shop’s aquaria, Daniel free-floats with life’s currents into a career in insurance and marriage to Japanese interpreter Kozue. But ominous truths are re-surfacing, bound up with the legend of his whale-hunter great-grandfather and his parents’ disappearance off the Indonesian coast.

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Daniel pursues his sea-borne destiny to the far-flung island of Lefó, where whales are still hunted by century-old methods and native superstition tells of a mythical makhluk istimewa, an ‘extraordinary creature’ still inhabiting the surrounding seas.

Daniel Serraz free-floats with life’s currents and uncovers the secret of his origins, but not before risking everything hunting with the islanders, the last torchbearers of an ancient tradition by which whales are bested by men in teak boats, harpooned by hand on the open sea.

The story is set on and around  the tiny Island called Lefo (which appears to be fictional but you never know – there’s a lot of myths and legends in this book.

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Destination: Indonesia  Author/guide:  John David Morley Departure Time: Early 1900s

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