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  • Location: Bath. Borneo

Islands of Mercy

Islands of Mercy

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1865: From Bath to Borneo, a story that travels around the globe

  • ISBN: 978-1784743314
  • Genre: Adventure

What you need to know before your trail

In the city of Bath, in the year 1865, an extraordinary young woman renowned for her nursing skills is convinced that some other destiny will one day show itself to her. But when she finds herself torn between a dangerous affair with a female lover and the promise of a conventional marriage to an apparently respectable doctor, her desires begin to lead her towards a future she had never imagined.

Meanwhile, on the wild island of Borneo, an eccentric British ‘rajah’, Sir Ralph Savage, overflowing with philanthropy but compromised by his passions, sees his schemes relentlessly undermined by his own fragility, by man’s innate greed and by the invasive power of the forest itself.

Jane’s quest for an altered life and Sir Ralph’s endeavours become locked together as the story journeys across the globe – from the confines of an English tearoom to the rainforests of a tropical island via the slums of Dublin and the transgressive fancy-dress boutiques of Paris.

Islands of Mercy is a novel that ignites the senses, and is a bold exploration of the human urge to seek places of sanctuary in a pitiless world.



Travel Guide

A global adventure BookTrail style to the islands of Mercy

The novel is focused in Bath where the story starts and the island of Borneo. The author says…

“This novel explores the primal and timeless human quest to find meaning in a life, an aspiration which engages people in widely different ways across the globe. I chose two contrasting locations: the genteel city of Bath and the harsh island of Borneo and unfolded in them both stories of sexual entrapment, material striving, loss of love, untimely death and – through them all – the desperate and unending search for places of consolation and solace.”


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Islands of Mercy

Destination/location: Bath, Borneo  Author/guide: Rose Tremain  Departure Time: 1852

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