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2000s: A detective with no one to trust. A killer with nothing to lose

  • ISBN: 978-1409168799
  • Genre: Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A detective with no one to trust

A killer with nothing to lose

18 months after the ‘Ragdoll’ murders, a body is found hanging from Brooklyn Bridge, the word ‘BAIT’ carved into the chest.

In London a copycat killer strikes, branded with the word ‘PUPPET’, forcing DCI Emily Baxter into an uneasy partnership with the detectives on the case, Special Agents Rouche and Curtis.

Each time they trace a suspect, the killer is one step ahead. With the body count rising on both sides of the Atlantic, can they learn to trust each other and identify who is holding the strings before it is too late?

Travel Guide

London and New York

The tour around New York is one of the most unusual and creepy you will ever read! Not much can be said about each location as it wil spoil your enjoyment of the book but in a nicer and real world, these are the places to discover with Daniel  Cole:

Brookyln Bridge – a great place to walk and see the city from both sides. The breeze can be strong but the views more than make up for it. The views in the book are somewhat less pleasant!

Central Park – Turns out Baxter admits she’s not been north of Central Park – but northwards she must go – there’s loads to see and do. The storied, picturesque Gothic church with vivid stained-glass windows & 74 bronze bells would be a good start as this really does stand out on the river side. Columbia University is also located here

West Village – the place to eat pizza according to Rouche, Curtis and Baxter. Their place of choice isn’t named but there’s lots to choose from!

Grammercy Park – An address of interest awaits the police here. Someone rich lives here and it’s a nice area

Streetview Maps

D) USA - NYC - Brooklyn Bridge

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Is it wrong for a gory murder book to make you laugh? There’s blood, gore and comedy galore in this adventure – second to Ragdoll and with characters other than Wolf at its centre.

It’s one of the most entertaining tours of New York I’ve ever done that’s for sure! From Central Park, to Grammercy Park and oh Brookyln Bridge! – gruesome art structures used in the most imaginative of ways. The plot may be something off a theatre stage but it’s entertaining if not a bit surreal. The incident with the spider – OMG now that was funny.

Baxter is a great character and it was a treat to get to know her and have her at the centre of the case. A bizarre case of Bait and Puppet being carved into the chests of victims. I did almost pass out on one occasion but I forgive Daniel Cole if for nothing else than that last line.

I wonder which nice childhood memory Daniel is going to warp for book three!Haha I will be there!

Booktrail Boarding Pass: Hangman

Destination: London, New York City  Author/Guide: Daniel Cole  Departure Time: 2015

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