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2000s: A meek middle aged woman gets a taste for crime and travels to the dark side of Nova Scotia

  • ISBN: B00AVME2R4
  • Genre: Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A middle aged woman living with her mother has to put up with her harridan ways who constantly puts her down and compares her to her much more beautiful and clever sister. She gradually becomes resentful, angry and is like a pressure cooke waiting to explode.

That day comes when working in an amusement park one day, a gunman enters the fun house where she is and threatens those inside. She saves the day by killing the gunman. But that shows her that she has power, she can end suffering and that she can get her own revenge for all her suffering

So she escapes to Nova Scotia and starts a new and exciting life…

Travel Guide

From the amusement park in Florida, she makes her way to Canada and settles in Halifax. She stays at a B&B where she meets the owner Jake and despite having some doubts about him, they starts a relationship.

Halifax is  a dark and mysterious place and the real story is the progression of Ellie’s descent into madness and her removal from this to Halifax and a new start. From Florida to Halifax is a long way so can the change in character be as far removed as she would like?

Well you definitely see the dark side of Nova Scotia here – yes there are some dark and twisty roads both physically and metaphorically speaking but you do get to see some of the stunning scenery as the author pauses at moments to allow this to sink in, before shoving you back in the car for a fast paced and bumpy ride!

Ellie is also a reader who knows the importance of location –

“These days she read mostly romances set in places she hoped to visit one day. This particular novel was about the widow of a fisherman in Nova Scotia…the writer made it sound so wonderful  – like it had everything; small fishing villages and Halifax, a major city located on a world-famous port.”

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