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  • Location: Venice

Gabriella’s Song 

Gabriella’s Song 

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Anytime –  Gabriella thinks that Venice is the city of music – and it inspires her to write a song!

  • ISBN: 978-0689841750
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

To Gabriella, Venice is the city of music. Everything is  music to her ears whether it be the rustling of the leaves, the swishing of the water in the canals or the ting-a-ling of the church bells. As she wanders around the city’s streets, she sings the city. then she decides to write a song based on all the city’s musical notes. A composer hears it and is inspired by it…..

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Through a child’s eyes, the music of Venice is a mixture of all the city’s noises – the water, the church bells, the flapping of the laundry hanging over the streets. The whole idea of the streets and buildings ‘ singing’ to Gabriella will be music to every reader’s ears.

For any traveller who lives and breathes a city, let Gabriella show you how if you listen hard enough, you can hear music everywhere.

As Gabriella sings and hears her way around the city, some are moved by the music whilst others are saddened. Whichever emotion it creates, music is able to wind its way around the city’s streets, reaching all kinds of ears.

The city reaches the five senses and once the composer Giuseppe del Pietro meets Gabriella,a  new story of music begins. The symphony he creates is inspired by one little girl, who in turn was inspired by the city of Venice.

Giuseppe del Pietro writes a beautiful symphony based on this young girl’s ability to listen to the sounds of Venice.

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