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  • Location: Saint Chartier

Death in St Chartier

Death in St Chartier

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2000s: Suicide at a village castle….or was it murder?

  • ISBN: B07TJ4KM59
  • Translator: Allen Young
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Seeking a quiet spot to write his memoirs, Laurent de Rodergues secludes himself in Saint-Chartier, a village in the heart of France. Yet his tranquil life is soon disturbed by Carlos, an eccentric millionaire determined to give the town’s medieval chateau a costly and controversial makeover. When the chateau is unveiled after months of anticipation, the whole town turns out to gaze in wonder – only to find their host lying dead in a pool of blood. Laurent suspects foul play, and when the gendarmes find nothing, he makes it his mission to unmask the murderer. But where to begin? From jilted lovers to jealous rivals, disgruntled employees to shadowy associates practically everyone had a reason to want Carlos dead. As Laurent quickly learns, beneath its idyllic facade, the town of Saint-Chartier is rife with resentment and secret passions.

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A real life village in the middle of France and it’s where the author lives. He actually lives in there as he renovated it and this really adds a very interesting edge to the story.

“Buried deep within the twists and turns of many a crime novel lies a fact seldom considered by the reader: the plot is inspired by events that, though they may not have actually taken place, have ardently been desired. Such is the case with the novel before us, a story that could well have been real, and which hews closer to the truth than one might wish.”

In his afterword he writes that while “the characters are all fictional, they are inspired by actual people. The geography is entirely real, as are some of the establishments and shops that appear in the story.”

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A) St Chartier - the castle
A) St Chartier - the castle gates
B) St Chartier church
D) Ladies Path

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