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  • Location: Kallix, Norbotten

Där isarna råmar

Där isarna råmar

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Crime drama in the northern Swedish forests…..

  • ISBN: 978-9100185831
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

In the middle of a forests in Norrbotten, someone stumbles across an abandoned bicycle is found. Police soon discover that it belonged to a young boy who went missing and was never found. Moreover, it was a case that really baffled the authorities and he was never found.

The policewoman in the story is Irene, who used to work in the capital, Stockholm, but who has since moved to Kalix to work on the case. An outsider coming in to work on someone else’s patch is never going to be easy and there are more than a few problems. Problems such as small town problems which she isen’t used to. But she soon finds that these ‘small crimes’ can lead to much bigger problems.

Travel Guide

Discover Norrbotten and Kallix

An area and small town in Norrbotten County, way up north, The name Kalix is believed to originate from the Sami word Gáláseatnu, or “Kalasätno”, meaning “The cold river”as this is the ancient name of the Kalix River Very apt for a location for a crime novel!

It’s an area with a unique claim to fame too. Turns out it produces some very special caviar. It’s caviar but not as you know it, as it tastes very different here due to the fresh water of the rivers in and around the area. So, when you are looking for fictional dead bodies in bodies of water don’t forget your caviar!

Kallix is the small town in the area where the main character has just moved to.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Där isarna råmar

Destination/Location: Kallix, Norrbotten   Author: Jennie Lundgren   Departure: 2000s

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