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  • Location: Burma (Myanmar), China

Border Run

Border Run

Why a Booktrail?

21C – Out of all the activities you could choose on your gap year, Will and Jake end up involved with murder.

  • ISBN: 978-0956308658
  • Genre: Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

On a gap year and one heck of an adventure, Jake and Will take a tour into China’s jungle borderland with Burma. Meeting up with a man named Howard who offers to act as their guide. he tells them of a waterfall where they should go if they want to discover the real country, the places ‘off the beaten track’. However, Howard has his own agenda in befriending the boys and it’s nothing to do with tourism.

At an altercation at a border patrol, Will managed to shoot a border patrolman and life after this spirals into an adventure and test of strength they could never have imagined.

Travel Guide

A gap year to Burma and the adventures of being young, free and single and having the time of your life in a far and distant world. A world that could not be more exotic and exciting place where they seek new experiences and new and beautiful young women.

It’s good not to do what everyone else does, to get off the mango smoothie trail for once and discover a bit of real life,

Well real life is certainly something they discover in bucket loads – where murder is your new everyday.

Meeting strangers on your travels is part of the fun of the gap year but Howard is the kind of man that the guides may not tell you of but your common sense should. A stranger offers to show you a waterfall where girls may be, a remote place, off the beaten track and deep into the dark, isolated jungle. But Burma is dangerous territory –

“It’s all warlords fighting over the opium crop”

In this area where only the locals know, events quickly spiral out of control. Howard’s background gradually is revealed and his suggestion that meeting Chinese tribal people and unique landscapes is hidden by an ulterior motive.

When a border policeman is shot, ethics and right and wrong go out the window. One crime leads to another and the trail of destruction grows ever longer

“Imagine that, being hunted through the forest, running, panicking…. you could run, you could hide but I reckon they’d get you in the end”

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