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All My Mothers

All My Mothers

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2000s:Meet Eva Martinez Green – an old child with questions about her beginnings.

  • ISBN: B08F9ZMJV5
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Between her emotionally absent mother and her physically absent father, there is nobody to answer them. Eva is convinced that all is not as it seems. Why are there no baby pictures of her? Why do her parents avoid all questions about her early years?

When her parents’ relationship crumbles, Eva begins a journey to find these answers for herself. Her desire to discover where she belongs leads Eva on a journey spanning decades and continents – and, along the way, she meets women who challenge her idea of what a mother should be, and who will change her life forever…

Travel Guide

BookTrail a visit to Cordoba with All My Mothers

The city of Cordoba comes alive in this novel and just wait until you discover the Fiesta De los Patios which is the glorious flower displays dotted in and around the city. A visit to the city when this takes place in May would be a fantastic idea.

Much of the novel takes place in and around the Mosque and cathedral. Not surprisingly, the history and culture of the heritage of this city is cleverly woven into the story. The history of the city is amazing and unique to Spain so a visit to the city’s history museum and art museums are recommended.

This is a novel  about mothers and daughters and so a wander around the city’s  parks with your nearest and dearest is a wonderful way to celebrate the meaning of this novel.

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Destination/location : Cordoba  Author/Guide: Joanna Glen  Departure Time: 2000s

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