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  • Location: Ireland, The Atlantic

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

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1912:  A Titanic short story

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Escaping a brutal father, Briony runs to James, the man she loves.

With his family’s blessing, they marry and prepare for a new life in a new country – America.

A wedding gift of two tickets to travel on an ocean liner is a wonderful surprise.

Full of anticipation and hope, they set sail.

Only, fate has sent them a challenge that tests, not just their strength and love, but their very survival.

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Booktrail a journey down memory lane – The Titanic

The Titanic sank 400 miles (640 kilometres) off the coast of Newfoundland.

The co-ordinates of her sinking: 41°43.5’N 49°56.8.W

The wreck lies at a great depth, approximately 2.4 miles (3.75 kilometres, or 12,600 feet) below the surface of the North Atlantic.

The ship broke in two as she sank, and the stern and bow of the wreck now lie 1,970 feet apart.

It left from Southampton and was on her way to Cherbourg, then Cobh and then Queenstown before it started the last part of its illfated journey.

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Author/Guide: Annemarie Brear   Destination: Ireland, The Atlantic  Departure Time: 1912

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