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A Little Life

A Little Life

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2000s: Four students move from their small Massachusetts college to New York and will find that life has a strange way of defining them.

  • ISBN: 978-1447294818
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Four classmates and friends from a small Massachusetts college have recently moved to  New York city to start their careers. There’s Willem, a wannabe actor, Jude who is a lawyer, Malcolm a trainee architect and JB an artist. Four very different personalities and paths in life, but what they share is the bond of friendship.

Jude seems to be the centre of gravity with all of them and his memories of the past and of their bond are what start to define them all. Jude is their biggest challenge as he becomes increasingly unhinged. A broken man with secrets in his background, things that no one speaks of.

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From Massachusetts to New York, this is the story of friends who share a  past and as they grow, move on in the world, this past comes back to haunt them, define them and ultimately make them who they are to become.

The start in New York is a start in every sense of the word – a new beginning, new careers and new hope in the city that never sleeps. The Big Apple, the big city where everything and anything is possible.

Four classmates venturing into the big wide world to start their respective careers. These four friends are different but they have a special bond, each one is introduced separately and a picture of college life, brotherly bonds, forms.

Jude is the dark heart of New York life. Now a  successful lawyer, his past, his haunting past continues to define him and everything he does. He has had a traumatic past, a very traumatic past and this world is dark, cold, lonely and heartbreaking.

He is in his own words –

‘Trapped in a body he hates with a past he hates”

Jude is the centre piece of a story of four friends who in their midst have grown to know and love a troubled soul, a lost and frightened boy who has grown into a troubled and frightened little man.

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