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  • Location: Conwy

A Killer’s Christmas in Wales

A Killer’s Christmas in Wales

Why a Booktrail?

2000s:  This little part of Wales  makes for a lovely holiday and not just at Christmas.

  • ISBN: 978-0312622831
  • Genre: Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

The Welsh valley town of Llanelen  is set to experience its snowiest winter yet. There’s someone other than Father Christmas on his way though – the footprints in the snow are those of an American stranger who proceeds to charm everyone around him – particularly he ladies. And Evelyn Lloyd who used to the the postmistress of the town and a rich widow, seems to be right in his sights.

Penny Brannigan is busy planning for the opening night of a new spa in town along with her friend and business partner, Victoria. They’re renovating the building when a body is found. And this is only the start…

Travel Guide

Conwy Castle is an imposing site on any day but when you picture it covered and surrounded by snow, with a dead body found in its grounds, it suddenly takes on a really sinister and morbid shadow.

The little fictional village of Llanelen –  Conwys – is actually a real village in the south of Wales so is not the one mentioned here.  The area here in North Wales is great and picturesque location for a cosy murder mystery. There’s the old woman in the village – the former postmistress who is being targeted it would seem by a stranger in town. There were sightings of a couple having an affair in the village but non one really knows who they were, even when Penny spots them herself she can’t tell.

In addition to the murder, there is a cosy picture drawn of village life – the nice Detective who comes a calling to solve the murder and the Christmas Window Competition. The Christmas traditions with the aroma of mince pies and hot chocolate waft from the pages as well.

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Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle from below!
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