Words leave imprints in your mind like footprints in the sand...
Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland

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  • Location: South Africa, Lubeck, Poland

Healing Rhinos and Other Souls

1940s: Have your ever been to Pomerania?

  • Location: Beirut, Egypt, Middle East, Turkey, Greece

From the Holy Mountain

AD587, 2000s: Walking in the footsteps of two monks who explored the Byzantine world

  • Location: South Africa

The Monster’s Daughter

1901, 2001: wars and actions of the past have  consequences

  • Location: Africa

The Quiet Lion

What happens when a lion loses his voice?

  • Location: Kenya, Nairobi, New York

The Sun Sister

1930s, 1960s, 2008: Sweeping from Manhattan to the magnificent wide-open plains of Africa, the sixth in the Seven Sister series

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The Safe Place

2000s: A pretty facade does not a happy house make…

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