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  • Location: London, Raqqa

The Good Sister

2000s: You go somewhere to find yourself but what happens if you ending up losing yourself?

  • Location: Aleppo, Syria

Escape from Aleppo

2010:Nadia’s family is forced to flee their home in Aleppo, Syria, when the Arab Spring sparks a civil war

  • Location: Syria, Jordan

A House Without Walls

2000s: One young girl’s experience of war

  • Location: Iraq, Greece, Turkey 

Lost and Found Cat

This heartwarming true story of one lost cat’s journey to be reunited with his refugee family

  • Location: Dubai

Diving for Pearls

2000s : A young woman’s body floats in the Dubai marina. Her death alters the fates of six people, each one striving for a better life…

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The Porcelain Doll

In a faraway kingdom, in a long-ago land ……

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